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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Thick Skinned Ethnic Nose Aesthetics For more detailed information about rhinoplasty operations with ethnic and thick skin features, and to see before and after images, you can check the link >> Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Different from the classical thin-skinned noses, which are used in the sense of ethnic rhinoplasty, which can vary according to racial characteristics, aesthetic nose surgeries performed for noses with the following features are meant: - Wide and flat noses Patients with soft cartilage features, wide and flat nasal tip, flattened and wide nostrils, which are seen in people of Asian and African descent, usually have a rather thick and oily skin structure. It is not easy to obtain a thin and angular nose tip in these patients. As a result of the edema period that may last longer than normal after the operation and the camouflage effect of the skin, which is more than normal due to the oily - thick subcutaneous structure, a rounded appearance may occur at the t

Nose Tip Plasty

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures For Nose Tip The tip of the nose is a part of the nose that is very important in the expression of the general face. If the tip of the nose is drooping downwards, it may cause functional problems by causing both the nose to appear long when viewed from the front and an increase in intranasal airway resistance at the same time. Nasal tip surgeries consisting of various techniques are planned in order to make the shape of the tip of the nose better and compatible with the face or to eliminate functional problems at the tip of the nose. ​ D r. Murat Enöz -  MD, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon - ENT Doctor in Istanbul Private Office : Address :  İncirli Cad., No:41, Kat:4, Dilek Pastanesi Üstü ( Dilek Patisserie Building ), Posta kodu: 34147, Bakırköy - İstanbul Appointment Phone :  0212 561 00 52 E-mail: Mobile phone:   +90  533 6550199 Fax:   +90 212 542 74 47 Fax:   +90 212 542 74 47   

Radiofrequency Turbinate Reduction in Istanbul

Turbinate Hypertrophy Treatment in Turkey Mucosal hypertrophy of the inferior turbinate is the most common cause for nasal obstruction and second cause for nasal obstruction is septum deviation. Turbinate hypertrophy can be treated as medical or surgical methods. Medical treatment for hypertrophy of the turbinate: immunotherapy antihistamines intranasal corticosteroid sprays decongestants Surgical treatment for hypertrophy of the turbinate: corticosteroid turbinate injections cryosurgery electrocautery turbinate out-fracture microdebrider-assisted turbinoplasty excision of turbinate submucous resection There is no definite consensus on the most effective treatment for hypertrophy of the inferior turbinates. However, nasal turbinate radiofrequency uses radiofrequency to create lesions within the submucosal tissue, reducing turbinate volume with minimal impact on surrounding tissues (irt can cause limited mucosal damage).  The mechanism of the turbinate radiofrequency is very simple,

Rhinoplasty - Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Nose Job in Istanbul Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that includes a series of different cartilage and bone shaping procedures, which can be performed to improve the nose aesthetically and functionally. Rhinoplasty Operation and Preparation For Surgery  Rhinoplasty operation is performed under general anesthesia.  Before the rhinoplasty surgery, the hospitals usually perform the blood tests required for general anesthesia, and the coronavirus PCR test is performed the day before.  Before the rhinoplasty operation, both detailed ear nose and throat examination and digital rhinoplasty animation will be performed in Dr Murat Enoz's office.  On the day of the operation, our patients must remain hungry and thirsty 8 hours before the operation time.  Hospitalization is required at least 2 hours before the operation. For this, it will be sufficient to go to the hospital where the appointment is made and tell you that you have an operation that day and that you will be operated by Dr.

Septoplasty in Istanbul

Correcting The Deviated Septum What Does Healthy Nose Work In Our Body? functions of the nose Healthy nose has very important tasks that can affect our life. I can summarize functions of the nose as follows: Humidification of air taken by nose (outside air) Heating the air Air purification (cleaning) Pressurization of air In this way, the air taken from outside is adapted to our lungs, keeping allergen, bacteria, viruses, industrial products in it and increasing oxygen absorption in the breathing air. When the nose is blocked by septum deviation or turbinate hypertrophy, many negative effects occur in our body.     The Nasal Septum and Deviated Septum ​ Nasal Septum Deviation The nasal septum separates the nasal cavity from the vertical axis into two separate cavities. It consists of bone and cartilage and is covered with mucosa. The curvature (or the angulation) of the nasal septum leads to constriction of the intranasal airway, increased airway resistance, and nasal obstruction.