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About Our Services and the City of Istanbul By Dr. Murat Enöz, an otolaryngology specialist, serving in our office in Istanbul. Apart from the health services provided in the links on the side, treatments are also provided for various diseases and conditions in the same field, such as sleep apnea treatment, adenoid hypertrophy and turbinate hypertrophy treatment, lip tie treatment, and vertigo treatment in general. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and before you come here to solve a health problem, you can watch videos of city monuments and plan trips to areas where you can see unique views. ​ D r. Murat Enöz -  MD, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon - ENT Doctor in Istanbul Private Office : Address :  İncirli Cad., No:41, Kat:4, Dilek Pastanesi Üstü ( Dilek Patisserie Building ), Posta kodu: 34147, Bakırköy - İstanbul Appointment Phone :  0212 561 00 52 E-mail: Mobile phone:   +90  533 6550199 Fax:   +90 212 542 74 47 Fax:   +90

Contact Details - Dr.Murat Enöz

Contact Information For Reservation You can take a look at the details below to make an appointment with Dr. Murat Enöz for an examination or operation. Dr. Murat Enöz's office is located on "Bakırköy, İncirli Caddesi", one of the oldest and most well-known streets of Istanbul. It is about 10-15 minutes walking distance from the newly built high-speed train station, which operates independently of the city traffic. It is approximately 45-60 minutes drive from Istanbul Airport. Again close to this area, there are two beautiful coastal areas Yeşilköy and Ataköy. There are also various coastal walking paths and shopping centers close to this area. Mobile phone (WhatsApp Number) of my secretary Ms. Ecem for the examination and operation appointment: +90 553 512 58 01 Landline number (for phone call only): +90 212 561 00 52 If you want to contact with Dr.Murat Enoz, my WhatsApp number is  +90 533 655 01 99  and my email: . In order to get opinions and ask

Scientific Publications of Dr.Murat Enoz

Dr.Murat Enoz - Scientific Publications List Below you can find the list of scientific works published by Dr. Murat Enöz: Articles published in international refereed journals:   1. M. Enoz, " Cautery-assisted palatal stiffening operation for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome .", Otolaryngol Head Neck Surgery (ISI) , 648-9; 649-50. pp., 2005 2. M. Enoz, " Limitation of the palatal surgery in OSA patients .", Sleep Medicine (ISI) , 89-90 pp., 2006 3. M. Enoz, " Computed Tomography Scan of the Upper Airway Is not Practical and Cost-effective for Using Every Patient With Obstructive Sleep Apnea .", Otolaryngol Head Neck Surgery (ISI) , 537 pp., 2006 , DOI: false 4. H. Yanardag, M. Enoz, I Papila, S Uygun, M Caner, T Karayel., " Upper respiratory tract involvement of sarcoidosis in the Turkish population .", Otolaryngol Head Neck Surgery (ISI) , 848-851 pp., 2006 , DOI: doi:10.1016/j.otohns.2006.01.011 5. M. Enoz, Y. Suoglu, "Sal

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Nose Aesthetic Procedures Various revision rhinoplasty operation techniques are available for the surgical treatment of noses with functional or aesthetic problems that occur in patients who have had a previous rhinoplasty operation. Rhinoplasty performed for the second time is called secondary rhinoplasty, and rhinoplasty performed for the third time is called tertiary rhinoplasty. Apart from open and closed technical revision rhinoplasty operations, there are revision rhinoplasty operations that include sub-techniques that vary according to the tools used in bone shaping. Challenges of Revision Rhinoplasty Operation Unlike primary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty operations are more difficult, more personalized and risky operations. The risk of circulatory and healing problems, tissue dissection difficulties, the presence of healing tissue and suture reactions in the previously operated area make the planned procedure difficult. In addition, the need for additional cartilag

Tongue Tie Surgery

Ankyloglossia - Tongue Tie - Hypertrophic Lingual Frenulum Definition, Classification, Examination Methods Definition Ankyloglossia (Short Tongue Tie / Hypertrophic Lingual frenulum / Short Frenulum / Tongue Tie) means that the tongue tie, which is a structure normally located under the tongue and in the midline, is shorter or thicker than normal, causing the tongue to remain attached to the floor of the mouth. Tongue tie can usually be understood during the doctor's examination immediately after birth or when the mother notices symptoms such as difficulty in sucking, sweating and inability to fully grasp the breast in her baby. 25-80 percent of breastfeeding difficulties have been reported in infants with ankyloglossia. Due to the limitation of tongue's mobility, infants are unable to extend their tongue over the gumline to create a proper seal and instead use their jaws to hold the breast in the mouth. This results in ineffective latch, maternal breast pain, poor milk supply,