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Nose Tip Plasty

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures For Nose Tip

Nose Tip Plasty,Tipplasty,Nose Tip Aesthetic in Istanbul

The tip of the nose is a part of the nose that is very important in the expression of the general face. If the tip of the nose is drooping downwards, it may cause functional problems by causing both the nose to appear long when viewed from the front and an increase in intranasal airway resistance at the same time. Nasal tip surgeries consisting of various techniques are planned in order to make the shape of the tip of the nose better and compatible with the face or to eliminate functional problems at the tip of the nose.

For Which Patients Is Nasal Tip Aesthetic Surgery Suitable?  

Nose tip esthetics is especially planned for patients with nostril asymmetry, sagging at the tip of the nose, and consequently reduced nasal functions or visual aesthetic problems.  Nasal tip aesthetic surgeries are performed to improve the aesthetic and function of the tip of the nose.  

How is Nose Tip Aesthetics Operation Performed?  

Tip plasty operation can be performed under local and general anesthesia, however;  Since the tip of the nose is very sensitive and the patients feel pain during local anesthesia, it is more appropriate to do it under general anesthesia.  It can be performed with two different techniques, mainly open technique and closed technique, and there are nasal tip aesthetic surgeries where various different techniques modified under these techniques are applied.  I generally prefer open technique nasal tip aesthetic surgery, which has more anatomical dominance.  In the pre-operative preparation period, the hairs in the nose of the patients can be cut, after the general anesthesia is started and intubation is terminated, a local anesthetic injection is made into the patient's nose tip.  During the operation, septoplasty operation can also be performed to treat the curvatures of the nasal septum, that is, the deviation of the nasal septum.  Cartilage grafts obtained from the deviated nazal septum areas can be used to shape the tip of the nose.  There are different techniques and graft applications used in nasal tip shaping, to summarize them roughly as follows: 

- alar dom stitching 
- alar domal changes and overlapping techniques 
- tongue in groove technique 
- cap and shield grafts 
- alar base resections and alarplasties 
- columellar grafts 
- marginal rim grafts 
- alar batten grafts 
- camouflage grafts 
- spreader grafts 

Apart from the graft applications and techniques I have written here, there are also different modified techniques.  While the distance between the nose tip and the face (nasal tip projection) is changed in some of the patients;  In some, the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip (nasolabial angle) is changed.  In some patients, nasal tip surgery is planned due to collapse in the nasal valve area while breathing.  

Patient Care After Nose Tip Aesthetics Operation  

After nasal tip operations (when performed under general anesthesia), it is appropriate for patients not to eat or drink anything for 4 hours immediately after the operation.  After this period is completed, patients can start feeding by mouth.  We usually warn our patients not to consume excessively spicy, salty and hot products after surgery.  After the surgery, we warn our patients not to consume products such as fish oils, ginkgo biloba, sour cherry, garlic, which can also have blood thinning properties.  After the surgery, we usually stick brown 3M brand micropore-containing tapes on the nose of our patients.  It is appropriate for these bands to remain at the tip of the nose for at least one week.  In patients with severe nasal symmetry, the internal nasal silicone splints in the nose are removed one week after the operation, and then we place nose shaping apparatus called nostril retainers.  It may be appropriate to keep these apparatus in the nose for 8 hours daily and to use them for several months.

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